01. What is the Orgasmatron made from?
Primarily from copper as it has excellent healing properties as well acting as a conductor.

02. Will it hurt/scratch?
No. the ends of the copper wire have been rounded and smoothed to provide an amazing feeling.

03. Why does the Orgasmatron and Trembler make me tingle all over?
Because the Orgasmatron® and Trember gently stimulate all the pressure points located around the head and back of your neck, messages get transmitted through the entire body often sending tingles as far as your toes. Once you start you cant stop!

04. Do the head massagers come in a smaller size?
No, but they can be adjusted to fit any head.

05. How long will the Orgasmatron last?
Hopefully a lifetime as there are no moving parts.

06. Will I have an orgasm?(Obviously not asked by the person from Question 05.)
We cannot guarantee orgasm but it is definitely fun trying.

07. Does the Orgasmatron lose shape?
If it does it is easily bent back into shape.

08. Is the Orgasmatron effective on children and babies?
Most definitely, the Orgasmatron® has an incredibly relaxing effect on children and babies. Please ensure that they are carefully supervised and babies have their head well supported to stop them looking around to see what is happening, purely to ensure the arms do not come in contact with the eyes.

09. Are there instructions with the Orgasmatron®?
Yes, complete instructions are included with all our products. The artwork on the Orgasmatron instruction booklet and body stroker packaging has been designed by Horatio T Birdbath. A Fremantle Icon and artist.

10. How long does it take to process my order?
We will usually process your order within one business day.